What We Do

How would you like to leave a legacy and leave a lasting impact on the lives of families around the world? We use the ShopO platform to create and support women around the world to start, manage and grow their own online personal shopper business empowering them towards their financial future. We make it easy for you to help women start an online business anywhere in the world while leaving a lasting personal impact on both of your lives.


Invest in Someone: How does it work

shopo investsAlice lives in Kampala, Uganda. She works for a multinational company and is active with her friends on social media. You donated $1,000 to ShopO Invests and chose to invest in someone, Alice, by providing her with the ability to become a ShopO Circle Leader and start her cross-border, e-commerce business as personal shopper for her friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and friends-of-friends. Your donation will provide her with a US address, a US debit card, pre-loaded with $1,000, access to ShopO deals and bulk shipping and the training to jump start, manage and run her new business.

It will take Alice about 3 months to grow her business with enough profit to repay her $1,000 investment to ShopO Invests. When this happens, your initial donation will be used to repeat the process and invest in another person to become a ShopO Circle Leader. And so on.  

Alice and be anyone, in any city, in any country. 

Your investment in Alice, and ShopO Circle Leaders, does not need to be anonymous. By partnering with ShopO Invests you will earn everlasting dividends by having a direct connection to the people that you invested in through the ShopO platform and social media. 

You can invest in 1 to 10,000 ShopO Circle Leaders and join us in creating a sustainable source of income for women around the world. 




In partnership with the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW.org), we are conducting a 5-year longitudinal study to research the financial and social impact of the ShopO Circles model on the Leaders, Members and their communities. 


Public Health Messaging

The ShopO digital platform connects millions of women around the world via a cellphone based App and desktop portal. We develop cause related messages and digital media for ShopO partners.