About Us

ShopO Invests is a 501(c)3 non-profit that invests in people, especially women, in every country in the world. We are the sister company to ShopO that provides the technical operations platform and training that Circle Leaders use to run their businesses. 


Our Vision, Our Mission

Everyone on the planet is worth investing in because investments in people pay everlasting dividends. 

We will create 10 million sustainable women owned small businesses worldwide. 


Our People

Wayne Lifshitz 

Lee Lorenzen 

Jennifer Olson

Reisa Bonetti  


Our Partners

We do not work alone. Our partners are fantastic and we're continuously looking for new partners. 



Thanks for caring because your investment makes a real difference in women's lives. And, when you in invest in women, you are investing in children, sisters, parents, neighbors, etc. because women are such amazing caregivers.